Gwen’s Mix

Gwen’s Mix is The Worm Farm Portland’s premium and signature mix, with superb nutrients blended in and it has fabulous drainage. You will see superb results with no additional feed to the mix. However, with any additional feeding, you will have even better results. We can “always add more but it is hard to take some out!”

With just a little bit of feeding this mix is a top of the line product - and we are happy to help you with this.


Price $140 / Yard

What Is It?

Gwen’s Mix is a high-performance potting soil mix. It has been targeted specifically for cannabis growers. It has 11 different ingredients:

  • Pumice

  • OMRI Coco Coir

  • OMRI Garden Compost

  • OMRI Worm Castings

  • OMRI Agrarian Chicken Manure

  • Happy Cow Manure

  • OMRI Feather Meal

  • 2 Types of OMRI Bat Guano

  • OMRI Azomite

  • OMRI Diatomaceous Earth

Gwen’s Mix Story

First, it’s important to know that Gwen is a real person. Gwen came to us back in the early 2000’s, asking us to make his mix for him and keep it ready to go. We said yes, and faithfully kept a pile ready to go. Throughout the season, our other customers saw the mix and liked it enough to try it themselves.

After using the mix, then comparing it to the mixes they used previously, our customers have told us that it’s the best mix they’ve ever used. The next time they came out to our farm, they brought their friends with. Two years later we decided to add it to our price list and keep it ready to go as one of our standard mixes. Almost immediately, it became our top selling mix and has been that way ever since.

Get The Most Out Of Gwen’s Mix

This unique soil blend contains perlite, coconut coir, compost, worm castings, composted chicken manure, composted cow manure, feather meal, bat guanos, azomite rock powder, and diatomaceous earth – everything you need in a bag except the water.

Although this planting mix contains everything you need to grow and have great looking plants, for superior results we recommend feeding your plants with Worm Casting Tea. Tea juice may be made from Worm Castings (soaked in water), which can be purchased from The Worm Farm Portland. Bring Your Own 5 Gallon Bucket!

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