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Worm Farm Cedar Gardens:

Worm Farm Cedar Gardens:

Worm Farm Portland offers customers Cedar Raised Garden Beds for sale! These are made from rough cut cedar, and they are 2″ thick by 12″; high. (If you’re comparing prices please keep the 2″x12″ in mind as many other builders are offering 2″
(thick) x 10” (height).

We are proud of our craftsmanship and we build to last- we always reinforce corner areas with premium high-quality stainless steel 3″; SPAX POWERLAGS screws. We provide reinforcement in the middle for anything longer than 4′; to prevent bowing and continuously check in with boxes we’ve made in previous season to ensure quality.

We also custom cut 2″ thick cedar stakes, they’re meaty and help the box keep its corners togetheras soil pushes at 100lbs/3ft. Much of the box longevity lies in proper drainage and use of compost fantastic Premium soil that we can supply you.

You have a choice of many different types of our soil-mixes, blends, or customized mix per your instructions!

Over 50 different amendments can be provided to you to make your new Garden look fantastic! Below are the three most common sizes. Lead time to build will depend on our workload but it is usually within 2-3 business days. Most popular cedar boxes we have on our stock and they are ready for your pick up or delivery same day.

We can deliver anywhere, and delivery cost would depend on your exact location.
Please note these are 12″ height – Most other builders offer 2″ x 10”; our beds are 2″ x 12”, and we use high quality screws:

2″x 12″

Length (ft) Width (ft) Retail
2 4 $85
2 6 $120
2 8 $140
2 10 $150
2 12 $160
3 4 $125
3 5 $130
3 6 $140
3 8 $150
3 10 $160
3 12 $170
4 4 $120
4 6 $145
4 8 $155
4 10 $185
4 12 $200
5 5 $140


Length (ft) Width (ft) Retail
2 4 60
2 6 $65
2 8 $70
2 10 $80
2 12 $90
3 4 $65
3 6 $70
3 8 $80
3 10 $85
3 12 $95
4 4 $75
4 6 $80
4 8 $90
4 10 $95
4 12 $100

And any other dimension you prefer. We offer any custom work to accommodate your garden space
and your needs!


Why Cedar and not Douglas Fir at 1/2 the cost?
Douglas Fir does not have the natural resistance to rot, mold, and decay like Cedar wood does. That’s why you see homes built out of cedar siding and cedar homes and not Douglas fir.

What is the lifespan of Cedar Planter Box?

Depends. It depends on the drainage you put underneath, if you line it with garden liner, reinforce corners with rocks, how much water it gets, and we are sure the Coriolis effect somehow plays into it. But you’re looking at a 15 year on average, more if you spray UV protection and take care of them. Douglas Fir you’re looking at 5-7 years. A lot of fences are built out of Cedar and they last decades here in Oregon, they’re only 5/8″ thick.

What depth do I need for all my vegetables?

Depends. What are you planting? Essentially 10″ will cover most things you plant.
For vegetables, such as Tomatoes you probably need 10″-12″ of depth along with some vertical support when it grows.
Herbs – 6″-8″; of depth. Watermelons -You will probably be fine with 8-10″ of soil depth.

We can make raised planter beds with bottoms on posts, but the cost more than doubles due to the structural loads on the bottom. Once built- they will last you for a long time!

Our “bed builder” is constantly researching and engineering ways to increase the structural integrity and quality of Worm Farm Portland boxes. Ask us why we designed our boxes the way we did and what we are looking at improving next, we’ll be happy to share.

We proudly stand behind Worm Farm Portland products. If for some reason you feel like we provided a substandard product, then we will do what it takes to ensure you are satisfied. If we haven’t won you over by now, tell us what you want because we want your business!


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