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Soil Mixes

OMRI Worm Castings

Materials processed by cultured worms for providing core nutrients to soil.

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We have carefully tested our Hemp soil mix on our own hemp field, and we came up with a stellar results by using certain soil amendments, which specifically work the best with any Hemp plant strains.

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OMRI Coco Coir Mix $120/yard

coconoirAn ideal soil mix for rapid root development and growth, making it an excellent choice for your starter plants.

Difference between Gwen’s mix and Coco Coir mix is that Coco Coir
mix is designed for someone who wants to do his own feeding and to
control all his own nutrients. It’s specifically designed for cannabis growers.
Mix has fantastic structure, excellent moisture retention and drainage, but
there are no real nutrients in this mix. Therefore, it’s highly recommended
to feed this mix. It is almost like hydroponic environment where the grower is
fully in charge of his own nutrients that he will be putting in there.

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Gwen’s Mix $140/yard

gwenHigh-performance potting soil mix. It has been targeted specifically for cannabis growers. It has 11 different ingredients (perlite, coco coir,
compost, worm castings, compost commodore, compost chicken manure, feather meal, 2 different types of Bat Guano, Azomite and Diatomaceous Earth). This mix is a premium and our signature mix, with superb nutrients blended in and it has fabulous drainage. You will see superb results with no additional feed to the mix. However, with any additional feeding, you will have even better results. We can “always add more but it is hard to take some out”! With just a little bit of feeding this mix is a top of the line product. Of course, we are Happy to Help You with This.

First, it’s important to know that Gwen is a real person. Gwen came to us back in the early 2000’s, asking us to make his mix for him and keep it ready to go. We said yes, and faithfully kept a pile ready to go. Throughout the season, our other customers saw the mix and liked it enough to try it themselves.

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Wildwood Organic Native Soil Conditioner $110.00/yard

Ideal All-Purpose Mulch and Soil Amendment

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OMRI 20% Mix $80/yard

20 % worm casting and 80 % compost – typically for vegetable gardens, or something that has fruit-bearing plants, cannabis would be one of those plants. It is a good all-around mix as well.

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OMRI 10% Mix $65/yard

10 % worm casting and 90 % compost – typically use this mix for shrubs, lawns, non-food bearing trees, & mainly used for decorative purpose. It is a
good all-around mix.

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Hydroponic Mix

Our perfectly balanced mix for Hydroponic Growers that includes Cococoir, pumice, worm casting, and few more “ingredients” which will help you to reach your maximum yield!

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