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About Us
The Worm Farm Portland, Oregon provides high quality OMRI Certified compost, that is 100% natural and the best base for growing your plants indoor, outdoor, or in a greenhouse. It is a complex mix of micro-nutrients, highly beneficial bacteria and decomposed organic matter that creates a foundation that supports all life. Our premium soil is perfect for all your growing needs. READ MORE


We offer 2 types of Soil Mixes.

Coco Coir Mix

This mix is ideal soil mix for rapid root development and growth, making it an excellent choice for your starter plants.

Gwen's Mix

This unique soil blend contains perlite, coconut coir, compost, worm castings, composted chicken manure, composted cow manure, feather meal, bat guanos, azomite rock powder, and diatomaceous earth – everything you need in a bag except the water.



Worm Farm Portland, Oregon offers various organic plant fertilizers for all purposes. Our fertilizers help enrich and rebuild soil. If your soil is worn out - we have premium fertilizers in our offer.



We offer a variety of blends and custom mixes. Use our Contact form below to request a quote today!You can also create your own customized mix with over a hundred types of Worm Farm Portland's quality Soil Amendments. Many of them are OMRI certified Organic! Feel free to contact us for advice.